SoChlor Aqua Granules – 5kg

Product code: MFBAG5

Emergency Sanitation & Water Purification

SoChlor™ Aqua Granules are a high level, broad spectrum water disinfectant used to make large quantities of pure water cost effectively. SoChlor™ Aqua Granules are ideally suited for use in emergency humanitarian response. Widely used in hospitals, clinics and treatment centres to make a consistent and reliable supply of clean drinking water needed for patient rehydration and for general healthcare use in remote areas where mains water supplies are limited or unavailable.

Every year, unsafe water, coupled with a lack of basic sanitation, kills at least 1.6 million children under the age of five (WHO/UNICEF, 2006). According to the World Health Organization diarrhoea related diseases account for 4.3% of total global diseases, with 88% of cases ascribed to unsafe drinking-water. SoChlor™ Aqua Granules have been extensively used by leading NGOs including UNICEF and MSF, government agencies and task forces and many others during the West African Ebola emergency. For areas without a mains water supply. SoChlor™ Aqua Granules can be used at wells, standpipes, in tanker trucks and other similar locations to provide clean, safe drinking water.

Key Features

  • Dissolves within a few minutes to provide a large supply of pure, clear drinking water within 30 minutes
  • Effective against a broad range of micro-organisms commonly present in impure water including dysentery, diarrhoea, cholera and other water borne diseases
  • Easier, safer and cheaper to transport and store than liquids and tablets
  • Uses the newest NaDCC chemical formulation as recommended by WHO, NHS (UK) and CDC (USA)
  • Very high tolerance of high temperatures and humidity levels
  • Rapid deployment
  • Can be used flexibly at different rates of dilution for a wide range of common disinfection needs
  • Includes easy-to-follow, illustrated directions for use
  • 2 year shelf life
  • More economical in use than liquid and tablet disinfectants

Dilution Rates

Diluted at 1ppm one 5kg bucket of Aqua Granules will produce c.2.75 million litres of purified water.

SoChlor™ Aqua Granules are suitable for use in a very wide range of other medical and healthcare procedures requiring pure water at the following dilution rates:

  • Bodily Fluids – 10,000 ppm* – highly suitable for use on blood and other biohazard spills
  • Laboratory discard jars – 2,500 ppm*
  • General healthcare disinfection – 1,000 ppm* – an effective environment cleaning solution for general disinfection of hospital wards, clinics, theatres and departments.
  • Stainless steel instruments – 600 ppm*
  • WCs, drains, sinks – 400 ppm*
  • Food preparation surface, floors, tiles – 200 ppm*
  • Baby bottle sterilisation – 125 ppm*
  • Dishcloths, mops, etc. – 60 ppm*

* recommended dilution ratio: ppm = parts per million


Conforms to WHO guidelines for safe disinfection of water.

Active ingredient: Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate / Troclosene Sodium (NaDCC).

Certified with the following test standards: BS:EN1650; BS:EN13704; BS:EN1276 (EN13727); BS:EN14476 (Adenovirus); BS:EN14476 (Poliovirus); BS:EN14476 (Norovirus); BS:EN14348; BS:EN13624; BS:EN13727; BS:EN13697. Effective against: Fungal, Bacterial & Sporicidal Activity.