Research & Development

Committed to Excellence

GV Health are committed to staying ahead of the curve, setting new standards for sustainable development in the Infection Prevention & Control space. With focus on investing in our technical facilities, we continue to offer high quality products, backed by science.


Outstanding Team of Experts

With the development of our on-site laboratory and advanced facilities, our Technical team are capable of leading extensive research and development. As a team of highly-qualified experts including sustainability scientists, they are dedicated to exploring new technologies in infection control.

By leveraging their expertise, we are actively engaged in researching advancements that encourage innovation, allowing us to stay at the forefront of the industry, whilst ensuring that our products consistently set new benchmarks for sustainability, efficacy and maintain high performance.

We have invested heavily into our new state-of-the-art laboratory, home to our groundbreaking innovation.

In an environment that fosters collaboration, expertise and exploration, our dedicated team work to develop and refine innovation in IPC.

From concept to execution, innovation thrives with GV Health.

Forward-thinking Solutions

Having a specialist team has enabled us to accelerate product development to meet the needs of a fast-paced landscape. With dedicated scientists for chemistry, polymer and sustainability we can leverage this to deliver expert-led product developments that meet your infection control needs.

We work closely with those on the ground to exceed customer expectations, providing fresh, novel solutions that enhance standard infection prevention protocol.

Working in partnership with large organisations and infrastructures, our team are proactive in researching and exploration, allowing us to empower our customers with unique, proprietary technologies.

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