Medium Duty Clear Waste Bag – Large – Unprinted

Product code: GV035


Polycare clear / transparent polythene waste bag for use in acute and non-acute healthcare settings including hospitals, clinics, GP surgeries, care homes, dental and veterinary practices where professional quality general waste bags are required. Available in a wide range of sizes, strengths, seal types and materials, including recycled, compostable and carbon neutral for maximum sustainability. Available with and without printing.


  • Catalogue micron 20
  • Volume 150 litres
  • Closure Star seal
  • Packing details Box of 250 (5 Rolls of 50)

Suitable for the following waste types/streams:

  • General hospital and healthcare waste
  • Household waste
  • Domestic waste
  • All capacities and sizes available for use in a wide range of settings including with most frames and compactors
  • Approved for 5, 10, 15 & 20kg
  • Flexibility of HDPE & LDPE, regran and virgin blends used to produce the best product
  • Reduced packaging due to lean manufacturing
  • Fit for purpose performance backed up by regular testing
  • Rolled to fit dispensers, tissue box or flat packed options
  • A diverse range of colours and print available
  • Different closures available offering grip seal and adhesive seal
  • Advanced print to aid visual confirmation of waste streams
  • Options on types of seals – no leakage ensured by star, gusset or pillow seal
  • Sustainability options such as biodegradable, compostable and carbon neutral
  • Packaging to make it easier for end user both on outer cartons and sleeves on rolls/packs
  • All packaging has bar codes, specification and codes with batch numbers for traceability and are clearly Polycare branded
  • Medical or clinical waste
  • Infectious waste, anatomical waste, placental waste, cytotoxic and cytostatic waste
  • Recyclable items should not be placed in municipal waste if an appropriate recycling stream is available
We don’t just supply goods we offer great support for our customers:
  • Dedicated account manager consulting on; best products, waste stream compliance, price and volume discount
  • Regular site visits and updates to changes on waste streams and new products to market
  • We work to offer savings to customers over other suppliers
  • We can manufacture bags to customer specifications (MOQ Applies)
  • We invest in stock to ensure continuity of supply so we deliver when we say we will
  • We also listen to our customers and improve our products based on their needs and requirements


  • The most advanced polythene and blend technology
  • Best in quality and innovation
  • Cost effective & price savings
  • Fully certified
  • Environmentally & sustainably forward thinking with optimised raw material use including; biodegradable, degradable and use of recycled and recyclable materials for manufacture and packaging