Versatile Antimicrobial Technology

An effective high-level disinfectant, SoChlor continues to be a trusted product in Infection Prevention & Control

Delivering unparalleled disinfection performance, SoChlor maintains a high standard of environmental disinfection across various sectors


SoChlor Technology

SoChlor’s exceptional antimicrobial performance comes down to its intelligent and powerful active, Hypochlorous acid. Delivered by its innate precursor, NaDCC, Hypochlorous acid is highly effective against a broad spectrum of pathogens.

Its smart, biomimetic technology means it emulates the activity of white blood cells in the body, providing the same antimicrobial activity when presented with pathogens.

Hypochlorous acid is 100x stronger than household bleach, meaning SoChlor is suitable for even high-level disinfection of more resistant pathogens like mycobacteria and non-enveloped viruses.

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SoChlor TAB

  • Highly efficacious Hypochlorous acid-based disinfectant
  • Suitable for the disinfection of blood and biohazards
  • Can be used for disinfection of drinking water
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SoChlor DST

  • Highly efficacious Hypochlorous acid-based disinfectant combined with compatible surfactant
  • Combined action cleaning and disinfection
  • Suitable for the disinfection of blood and bodily fluids

SoChlor DST

A trusted line used by many, SoChlor DST was used by the NHS throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and makes up 50% of current market use.

Versatile for use across various industries, including Hospitals, Primary Care, Education, Prisons and Hospitality – SoChlor DST’s elaborate disinfecting technology streamlines cleaning and disinfection into one convenient step, making it easy to integrate into any routine.


2-in-1 Clean & Disinfect

Designed to streamline infection control procedures, SoChlor DST reduces cleaning time by combining the traditional three step cleaning process into a single process.

Widely used across the NHS, SoChlor DST provides effortless cleaning and effective disinfection with fast dilution and reduced odour.

With a dilution rate of 1 tablet in 1L for a 1,000PPM solution, general disinfection is fast and fuss-free.

Group 1203@2x

Multi Industry Application

From hospitals & healthcare, to education and hospitality, SoChlor is versatile enough to be used across various industries.

For general environmental disinfection to high-level blood and biohazard disinfection, SoChlor is renowned for its performance across different applications, breaking the chain of infection and contributing to effective infection control.

For Healthcare@2x
Hospitals & Healthcare

Suitable for both general and outbreak disinfection, as well as the high-level disinfection of blood and biohazard spills


Suitable for disinfection of food preparation surfaces, even as a vegetable wash

Veterinary and Agriculture@2x

Suitable for general disinfection of pens, equipment and footwells. Can also be used for drinking water disinfection for cattle and poultry

Offices & Education

Suitable for disinfection of desks, surfaces and floors

Public Spaces

Suitable for use on high-touch areas like door handles, handrails and elevator buttons


Suitable for disinfection of floors, tables, chairs and till areas

Intelligent Delivery of Active

When NaDCC reacts with water, only a small portion of total hypochlorous acid is released.

This hypochlorous acid comes into contact with pathogens, passes through cell membrane and enters the cell. Once entered, it further releases the remaining hypochlorous acid.

This continued release after contact with pathogens is what makes makes SoChlor much more effective at destroying them.


Tablet Formulation

Its tablet format allows higher volume of product in a smaller, lightweight package, meaning larger amounts of product per delivery, reducing carbon footprint. With solutions diluted on-site when needed, it also significantly reduces product waste.

The formulation of our tablets are optimised to provide the best user experience by:

  • Reducing dust during use
  • Dissolving quickly for easier make up
  • Having a clean odour in comparison to other tablets on the market

Ongoing Training & Support

Our team are dedicated to visiting sites to support and train users on how to use SoChlor, and educate end-users on its technology to help best leverage it in your setting.

From animation videos to bespoke dilution and usage posters, we also provide you with the tools and resources to be able to integrate SoChlor into your routine correctly and confidently, through empowering knowledge and education.