New GV Health branding marks evolution of world’s view of hygiene ‘GV Health – Life.Protected’

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, GV Health noted the shift in perception of hygiene, and to that end was redefining its place in the global market. The new positioning of ‘Life.Protected’ reflects the company’s role in reducing the human risk resulting from poor hygiene, its commitment to sustainability that is driving product innovation, and the responsibility taken in educating purchasers and users on the best solutions and optimal usage. 

A leading global manufacturer of environmental hygiene, spill management, personal protection, safety and waste management solutions, GV Health is at the forefront of infection prevention. With an ambition to improve human health worldwide, the focus is on providing end to end solutions for all sectors and industries, coupled with the aftercare and training needed to support best practice.  

Chris Wright, spokesperson said, “Education is critical in supporting infection control and disease prevention requirements, but it also plays an important role in reducing wastage. ‘Life.Protected’ recognises our commitment to developing and delivering not just optimal products but also innovating more sustainable solutions and sharing our knowledge with customers to create healthier and safer human environments”. 

This new positioning is being reflected through the new website ( which offers a unique user experience for the professionals from leading organisations in all industries from healthcare and life sciences to hospitality and commercial that rely on GV Health solutions every day. This new site offers multi-media access to product information and education on usage and research that will support users of all levels of experience in protecting people from the risks of poor hygiene. 

Alec Barton

Alec Barton is a media entrepreneur and strategic marketing, editorial and public relations advisor specialising in healthcare and telecoms. He has an extensive knowledge of media, marketing and communications and is an authoritative writer and speaker on communications in emerging markets. In addition to his advisory roles, he was co-founder and CEO of a publisher and event organiser for the healthcare, broadcasting, energy, satellite and telecoms sectors.