Polycare Clinical Bags & Aprons for Healthcare

The fully certified Polycare range combines the innovative design features GV Health clinical waste bags and aprons are renowned for with class leading quality and environmental sustainability. Using the world’s most advanced polythene extrusion and blend technology, the Polycare range provides customers with market leading features at the most competitive prices.


Polycare Tiger Stripe bags are double sided with the pattern extending throughout the bag to eliminate confusion with other yellow waste streams. Polycare cytotoxic waste bags are purple for the same reason. Polycare biodegradable aprons were the first to be CE certified.


Quality is paramount across the Polycare range. We follow strict legislation for clinical waste packaging, adhering to HSE, WHO and VCA guidelines. We also work closely with internationally recognised organisations including the CHSA and CIWM for product development.


The entire Polycare range reflects GV Health’s forward thinking and passionate belief in our duty of care towards the environment and sustainability. Polycare manufacturing technologies optimise the use of virgin raw materials, and maximise the use of biodegradable, degradable, recycled and recyclable materials in both manufacture and packaging.


All our Polycare bags meet or exceed the required PIRA and UN certification. All our Polycare standard and biodegradable aprons are CE Certified.