Biohazard Spill Kit – Multi

Product code: MJZ017


Multiple use kit with tools and PPE for safe clear up and disinfection of up to 25 biohazard spillages. SoChlor™ NaDCC chlorine release absorbent granules absorb spillage, kill pathogens on contact and reduce cross contamination risk. SoChlor™ TAB chlorine tablets dilute to produce 10,000ppm concentration chlorine disinfectant solution fully effective against blood borne pathogens and Tuberculosis(TB). Multi kit suitable for large areas / locations where the risk/incidence of biohazard spillages is high. Intended for use in busy emergency rooms, larger departments and other similar situations where the risk and frequency of biohazard spillages is high.

Staff are provided with protective aprons and gloves with sufficient quantity of tools to perform frequent effective and rapid clean-ups. Contain all required Personal Protection Equipment (PPE). Used throughout the NHS in hospitals, clinics, surgeries, laboratories and ambulances; dental and veterinary practices; nursing and care homes, schools, offices, businesses, ships, aircraft etc. GV Health Spill Packs and Kits hold the NHS Supply Chain contract for biohazard clear up. Safe for use by non-specialist staff and first aiders. Refill items can be purchased separately.


Approved for use on the following bodily fluids
Breast milk
Amniotic fluid
Vaginal secretions
Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF)
Synovial fluid
Pericardial fluid
Pleural fluid
Peritoneal fluid
Unfixed tissues/organs



  • 100 x 2.5g SoChlor TAB Chlorine tablets
  • 2 x 500g SoChlor NaDCC Granules
  • 1 litre diluter
  • 25 pairs nitrile gloves
  • 25 aprons
  • 25 clinical waste bags
  • 25 x scoops and scrapers
  • Illustrated instructions / poster
  • Recording card
  • Hard sided, lightweight bright yellow case
  • Wall mount


GV Health spill kits meet the highest efficacy and personal protection standards specified by the World Health Organisation, the UK Health and Safety Executive, UK Department of Health and CDC.

Certified to the following test standards: BS:EN1650, BS:EN1276, BS:EN13624, BS:EN13727, BS:EN13697

Active ingredient: Troclosene Sodium (NaDCC)