SoChlor Wipes – Dispenser and Refill

Product code: SDW3LB/R

Surface Disinfection

SoChlor™ Wipes are designed for impregnation with SoChlor disinfectant solutions for the rapid and easy disinfection and cleaning of surfaces and medical devices. The wipes are made of high quality, lint-free non-woven material. Due to their cross-linked woven structure SoChlor Wipes are outstandingly hard-wearing and tear-resistant. The main active ingredient is Troclosene Sodium. Chlorine solutions made from NaDCC are effective when deployed on organic matter such as blood and other body fluids.

Wipe Set-up & Activation

The wipes are designed to be activated-on-site with SoChlor DST disinfectant and cleaning solution made from tablet dilution to create Sporicidal grade disinfectant wipes for surfaces in high-risk areas. The non-woven material ensures the exact release of the disinfection solution and guarantees a perfect and even wetting of the surfaces to be disinfected.

SoChlor Wipes are taken from a specially designed dispenser bucket by pulling them through an easy to use, resealable dispensing system. The system guarantees constant protection of the working solution from contamination and evaporation. Once impregnated with SoChlor DST, the wipes retain full efficacy for 10 days.

Healthcare Applications


Diluted to 10,000 ppm* SoChlor TAB Chlorine release tablets are suitable for use on surfaces where blood or blood stained spills have occurred.


Diluted to a minimum 1,000 ppm* SoChlor TAB is an effective environment cleaning solution for general disinfection of wards, clinics, theatres, etc.


Stainless steel instruments – diluted to 600 ppm. Laboratory discard jars – diluted to 2,500 ppm*


* ppm = parts per million


Fully effective against Coronavirus/COVID-19 and EN14476 certified. Developed for deep clean, environmental and surface decontamination of large areas. For healthcare, commercial and public areas. Providing a clean and disinfect in 1 step.
*Public Health England recommend 1,000ppm for disinfection of COVID-19.

Download our Coronavirus/COVID-19 information sheet from this link for further information.


Conforms to the UK Department of Health, HPA and WHO guidelines for use on organic matter such as blood and other body fluids.

Active ingredient: Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate / Troclosene Sodium (NaDCC)

Certified with the following test standards: BS:EN1650; BS:EN13704; BS:EN1276 (EN13727); BS:EN14476 (Adenovirus); BS:EN14476 (Poliovirus); BS:EN14476 (Norovirus); BS:EN14348; BS:EN13624; BS:EN13727; BS:EN13697. Effective against: Fungal, Bacterial & Sporicidal Activity.