Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

“The Trust had been using Chlorclean for some years without any issues but the change to SoChlor was prompted by the support and training offered by GV Health.


The information and support received from GV Health has been excellent. The largest users of the product are the domestic services, they have found SoChlor easy to use and haven’t identified any issues with using SoChlor.


We experienced no problems with the transition of products and the domestic staff report that the  floors appear to have a better  finish in that they don’t appear to be as cloudy.”


Christine Fisher
Specialist Nurse, Infection Prevention and Control




DST provides a single clean – rinse – disinfect process. Traditional operations not only require greater time and manpower, but most detergents are alkali based and prevent chlorine from working properly.

SoChlor uses a neutral cleaning agent to ensure the chlorine works effectively. So, in a single step … you can reduce costs through effective management of cleaning time and resource … and benefit from significant savings on the product itself.

The SoChlor™ range comprises three products which address specific environmental cleaning applications.

  • SoChlor DST Chlorine + Disinfectant Tablets with Detergent
  • SoChlor TAB Chlorine Disinfectant Tablets
  • SoChlor NaDCC Chlorine Granules

Order Code: MFB256 / Unit of Issue: Tub


To enquire about SoChlor and our full Infection Control range call: (+)44 1920 463098