Identification of contact points in hospitality industries and their potential to transfer pathogens that can lead to harmful diseases such as COVID-19

To ensure the most effective implementation of your hygiene strategy, the approach should be designed around the environment, informed by the types of surfaces, their location and the frequency with which they are contacted.

To help you identify areas to look at within your business we have developed a series of contact frequency maps for individual hospitality industries. Each map gives an indication of areas within typical settings that need attention and the risk they present according to the probability of frequent contact. Of course, no two environments are the same and many factors such as footfall and the concentration of people can dramatically affect the risk level. Each illustration should only be used as a guide in helping you to identify the level of attention individual items require in keeping your staff, customers, business and the wider community safe from viral transmission.

Hotels – Contact Frequency Guide

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Restaurants, Bars & Public Houses – Contact Frequency Guide