Why Choose Emergency PPE Packs and Kits?

One of the questions we are asked most frequently at GV Health with regards to emergency PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) purchasing is “why buy emergency PPE packs and kits when you can purchase most of the items separately?”

Indeed GV Health stock a large number of separate items including all-in-one protective coveralls, face masks, goggles and gloves as separate items. But the fact remains that emergency PPE packs and kits are among our most popular lines.

Emergency PPE packs and kits offer a number of obvious advantages such as that all items are kept securely together in a sealed case, kits can be hung on a wall mounted bracket in key locations and are easily portable.

However, these are not the most important factors to consider when deciding what to purchase. The key advantages of GV Health emergency PPE packs and kits over sourcing PPE separately which buyers report to us are as follows:

  • pack and kits greatly increase the likelihood that the correct PPE equipment will be used on each occasion
  • all items are fully compatible there is less temptation to improvise
  • emergency PPE packs and kits are provided with clear illustrated instructions to ensure all items are used correctly

Of these points, the last is the most important; it may seem to be straightforward but in reality it is not.

Simple mistakes in putting on and taking off PPE correctly are in fact where the majority of errors have occurred with the current Ebola outbreak. This has tragically resulted in a number of highly trained aid workers and nurses becoming infected.


Most buyers of emergency PPE equipment are making contingency plans against future emergencies which could be only a few days or many months away. Buyers of course provide full training for their staff as part of their emergency planning.

But experience shows time and again that a combination of forgetfulness and lack of familiarity when using equipment for the first time, combined with the heightened state of stress experienced by even the best trained staff in a real emergency, is when mistakes happen. It is in these situations where emergency PPE packs and kits show their full worth.

As a result, in the majority of situations emergency PPE packs and kits are the best solution. Our range of separate items are primarily intended for use as refills for our packs and kits and for large scale buyers who use emergency PPE on a daily basis.

In summary, GV Health emergency PPE packs and kits ensure:

  • the correct grades of mask/respirator, goggles, coverall and other PPE are used
  • PPE is put on with the correct procedures
  • PPE is removed with the correct procedures

These together ensure maximum effectiveness of the PPE and the best possible protection for users.

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