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When containing, removing and decontaminating biohazard spillages quickly, safely and efficiently, having effective actives and PPE conveniently in one place minimises exposure and ensures effective removal.

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Healthcare and Non-Healthcare Settings

Widely used in healthcare, our Spill Kits are becoming a prerequisite in more areas of public health, including schools and offices, to enable the swift and effective management of blood, urine, vomit and other potential biohazards.

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Effective and Easy to use

Some micro-organisms can survive for hours in dry blood, some even weeks. Therefore, spillages of blood and body fluids must be taken seriously and dealt with immediately. Our Biohazard Spill range makes it easy, even with little to no training, as clear instructions ensure best practice clean up and disinfection.

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Infection Prevention

Biohazard spill kits and packs ensure the correct clean-up of the spill, thereby reducing or preventing the risk of infection spread. The all-inclusive kits make sure people are using the correct disinfectants for that spill and at the correct concentrations to kill HCAIs, and are using suitable protective equipment.

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Full Range

With convenient sizes for different scales of organisation and different biohazards, our spill kits and packs make sure you keep biohazard cleaning materials separate to usual cleaning equipment, to avoid cross-contamination risk.

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Biohazard Spills

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Biohazard spill kits approved for use on bodily fluids including blood, breast milk, semen and synovial fluid, as well as unfixed tissues or organs are available. Full list of the approved uses can be seen here. Each single-use pack is supplied with all PPE, SoChlor™ NaDCC Granules and SoChlor™ TAB Chlorine release disinfection tablets needed for safe clean up and disinfection. Individual packs and multi-use kits are available to ensure flexibility of choice.


Approved for use on the following bodily fluids

Breast milk
Amniotic fluid
Vaginal secretions
Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF)
Synovial fluid
Pericardial fluid
Pleural fluid
Peritoneal fluid
Unfixed tissues/organs

Bodily Fluid Spills
(Urine & Vomit)

Also available is a separate kit for Vomit and Urine, again as individual spill kits or larger spill packs. The kit provides all required PPE and specialist products including GV High Absorbency Granules, alcohol disinfectant wipes and GV Biocide Spray to ensure best practice removal and disinfection of a spill. GV Health’s Biocide Spray further disinfects while also removing any residual odour where urine or vomit spills have occurred.

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Kit and Pack Refill System

Packs with both the Biohazard and the Vomit and Urine kits are available as well, with our refill system to ensure that used items can be replaced.

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EN Testing and Accreditation

GV Health spill kits meet the highest efficacy and personal protection standards specified by the World Health Organisation, the UK Health and Safety Executive, UK Department of Health and CDC. They are also certified to efficacy test standards: BS:EN1650, BS:EN1276, BS:EN13624, BS:EN13727 & BS:EN13697

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