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Our yellow clinical waste bags ensure the safe collection and transportation of infectious waste that needs to be disposed of by incineration.

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Healthcare and
Clinical Settings

Trusted around the world by hospitals, including NHS Trusts, private medical care facilities, nursing homes and dental practices as well as specialist waste collection companies, our yellow clinical bags protect staff, patients and the public from harmful waste. Click here to earn more about waste streams.

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Innovation and Design

With one of the widest ranges of sizes and capacities available, our highly visible yellow clinical waste bags are manufactured by us with HDPE & LDPE, recycled content and virgin blends used for additional strength and protection from leakage. Options on the types of seal available add further confidence in ensuring no leakage of your waste.

Find more details on our manufacturing over on this page.

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Forward thinking

Our yellow clinical waste bags are part of our environmentally and sustainably forward thinking Polycare range, featuring optimised raw material use. Using the most advanced polythene and blend technology, we design and manufacture products which are the best in quality and innovation, yet are cost effective and offer price savings.

As a result of our lean manufacturing processes, our yellow clinical waste bags are supplied in reduced packaging as a further step to minimise environmental impact where possible.

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Accreditation and testing

Our laboratories carry out a complete range of physical, mechanical, chemical, anti-viral and anti-bacterial testing. All our clinical waste bags pass the UN accreditation required by VCA and in accordance with ADR. For in-depth information on accreditation and testing of our products, click here.


Technical benefits

Technical benefits@2x

For disposal of

Swabs & dressings
Soiled cotton wool
Tissues & blue roll/ couch roll
Soiled gloves and aprons
Infectious incontinence pads & nappies
IV lines and fluid bags not contaminated with pharmaceutical medicines
Items contaminated with TB, Anthrax, Hepatitis B